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Occasionally lame. Generally Awesome.
"Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."

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Chimps Get Tough, Drop 'Panzee' from Name, Image

By using a calculated public relations campaign, chimp activists hope to change public perception of chimpanzees from fun-loving and cuddly creatures to forces with which to be reckoned. This move by a powerful group of Common Chimps (aka Pan troglodyte) deepens the divide between themselves and their less-prominent brothers the Pigmy Chimps (aka Pan paniscus). By distancing themselves from their smaller brethren, Common Chimps hope to gain more respect from humans.

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Players Best Not Be Hatin' on the Longest Domain Name! This website is a pretty random collection of world's records. Strange claims are made all the time, like the claim to the longest domain name in the world. PBNBH is in touch with that vibe. Keep in mind that all of the world records presented are unofficial.
Miniature Cattle, cows, bulls, and calves.  Breeds include zebu, dairy, and watusi among others.  Hatch Farms The only type of cows featured on Generally Awesome are miniature cows. And the only mini cows awesome enough to be featured come from Hatch Farms. Also check out the animal videos

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