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InAbaRReL       Young male chimp feeling cooped up. Looking to get out more often, seeking companionship. Few things are more fun than time w/ me! Box 676

AlphaMale33       Dominant male looking for relationship w/ open-minded, submissive female who does not mind chest thumping and sharing me w/ other female group members. Box 345



sWinGer22       Burnt out swinger tired of bar scene! Looking for direction and a chance to settle down. Seeks forgiving, caring, mate, possibly of a religious background. Box 282

prime_mate       Looking for LOVE, Ladies? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m pensive, sensitive, attentive and pleasing, and that is just the realm of the bedroom. Find out what my name means. They don’t call me “prime mate” for nothing. Box 069



BadMunky66       Misguided, misbehaved monkey seeking someone special showing strictness and structure. Have been bad and am in dire need of discipline. Not averse to corporal punishment! Box 386

by CWH


_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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