Dorm Crew Ads

Sanitary Arts

Santa Stole My Snowboard

Think of the Cows

Hot Rod Jr.

Llama Grooming

Miniature Cows


Bill & Ted (Mostly Ted)

Canine Intellectuals!

Ostrich Trainers


Right Direction

Food Chain


Hasty Pudding Embezzlement Scandal

Elephant Parade

Fat Paycheck

Feline World

What is Dorm Crew?

Dorm Crew, aka Harvard FMO Student Porter Program, is responsible for cleaning the bulk of Harvard's undergraduate housing. They discharge this resposibility twice a year. The first time is between the normal school year and the start of summer school. The second time is after summer school before fall move-in. Students are also employed by Dorm Crew during the year to clean student bathrooms.

In order to do so much Dorm Crew employs a large student work force. The program is run by students. It is open only to full time students enrolled in a degree program at Harvard University.

Generally Awesome Dotcom has duplicated some actual recruitment posters. These posters were done by Cameron Hatch '03. Information regarding pay rates has changed since these ads were initially published.

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