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Cannibal Daycare

We care for kids TODAY because
we believe they are the meals of TOMORROW!

Many people these days are worried that our kids are getting too soft and lethargic. Not us, we think it is a good thing. A well-fed kid is a happy kid. A child who is happy is not stressed out. The result is a nice, tender teenager. And we think that is a good thing.

Customer reviews

“They really took care of my little Billy. The only advice I have: pull your kid out of there before they hit 13 or 14.” ~Maude Smith

“My little 13 year-old Tanya was so skinny from an eating disorder. But the caring folks at Cannibal Daycare got her back up to a healthy bodyweight in no time. Then all that progress was erased when she turned up missing.” ~Renee Glaxo

“They seem to run a pretty tight ship. Despite being circumstantially linked to at least 55 missing children in last three years, we have not been able to find any evidence against them.” ~Police Chief Dave Spencer

To enroll your child, or for more information call 1-(555)-U-CANNI-2.

Queries about missing teens can be directed to our lawyer at 1-(555)-4-LAWYERS.

by CWH


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