Baker's Dozen

Reasons to Buy a Yacht
Some of the benfits of owning a yacht. This list is not comprehensive, but only a starting point for looking at good reasons for buying a yacht.

  1. To impress a chick. If your yacht is big enough you could even impress multiple chicks at the same time.

  2. Just to prove that you can. Some people think is only a good motivation for youth recently freed from the nest-strings. Depending on how controlling your rich, overbearing parents were, you can potentially use this justification for the rest of you life.

  3. To [over]compensate for ___________________ (you fill in the blank—just about anything can go here).

  4. To achieve status. Money alone cannot convey status. Come to think of it, a yacht alone does not grant status, better buy two yachts.

  5. To show your riches. If you aren’t rich enough to afford a yacht, be richer.

  6. To command the crew aboard your yacht. After all, this may be the closest you’ll ever come to your dream of being a pirate.

  7. To prove your masculinity. Yachts are one of the few types of boats not associated with the Navy (ie the Village People, ie rainbow sailors.)

  8. To have a means to access international waters. Sick of being bound by the laws of the land? Well in international waters, just about anything goes.

  9. To show everyone else that you are better than they are. Tired of just thinking that you are better than everyone else? With a yacht you can prove that you are better!

  10. Now you can start all your stories, "When I was out on my yacht..."

  11. To have the perfect environment to listen to your favorite song, "Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away," by Enya.

  12. A yacht will be the perfect place to shoot your debut rap video.

  13. Owning a yacht gives off a sense of dignity and respectability. This will help cover up all those unspeakable acts you have committed.

by CWH

Baker’s Dozen is a list of a dozen things on a given topic. Each edition of the Baker’s Dozen is dedicated to an individual by the name of Baker.

This Week's Baker

Tammy Faye Baker

Aspiring Yacht Owner.


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