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Meet the Staff

Catch Hameron       C.E.O. of the company. Handles all the corporate related type stuff like riding in the private jets and eating at fancy restaurants.

Catch Hameron

The Founder

The Founder       Designs all the apparel in the Generally Awesome collection. Selects other clothing items to sell that are also Generally Awesome.

Boy Llama       This former X-Country player heads up all the filming and video production. Also is a trained animal handler, which is a helpful skill now and again.

Boy Llama


CWH       Does most of the writing. Also edits everything. As a former Captain whose favorite phrase is “swab the decks mateys!” he is basically the idea man.

John H. Crabtree       Is our academic authority on all types of issues that require advanced degrees to discern. He is also in charge of our pedantic and pretentious divisions.

John H. Crabtree

Cameron Hatch

Cameron Hatch       Ties up all the loose ends and picks up the slack from everyone else. Also serves as the webmaster. Since he went to an Ivy school no one gives a care about what he says.

_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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