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Posted 1/11/2004

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50 Cent & Ja Rule
Worried about Beef,
Test for Mad Cow

The major players in the rivalry: 50 Cent (left), the ubiquitous beef (center), and Ja Rule (right).

New York, NY The recent case of Mad Cow disease in Washington State has raised new concerns in the rivalry between rappers Ja Rule and 50 Cent. The ongoing “beef” (as personal grudges are called in the rap world) has caused safety concerns for both rappers over the course of the past couple years, but now these worries have taken on a new dimension.

“Getting’ shot don’t scare me none,” 50 Cent told reporters at his home last week. “I taken 9 bullets befo’, so dat aspect of this beef that Ja and I got ain’t nuttin. But thinking about how this beef could make me go crazy like dem cows, that’s s*%# is just mad scary, yo!”

Ja Rule, who late last year met with Nation of Islam Leader, Louis Farrakhan, in an interview aired on MTV News, also has new fears about the beef.

“Yo, it’s just like brother Farrakhan said, these things, if you don’t kill ‘em, take on a life of they own, get a mind of they own. And the scary thing is that it is the mind that carries the Mad Cow disease,” Ja Rule. “I told 50 that we needed to kill this beef and bury it, but he didn’t want none of it. Now I wish that we had gotten rid of this beef, then we wouldn’t have to worry about all this Mad Cow stuff. I bet that guy who sold the downer cow in Washington feels the same.”

Mr. Rule and Mr. Cent agreed to jointly fund an independent investigation into the possibility that their beef may be tainted. Early information gathered indicates that this level of caution may in fact be warranted. One finding is that the beef between Mr. Rule and Mr. Cent, like the infected downer cow in Washington State, originated in Canada.

“Yo, them smart peeps we hired to investigate found out that the beef I got with Ja was born in Toronto, at an after show party for the 2000 ‘Up in Smoke’ Tour,” said Mr. Cent. “I didn’t even know dat, yo!”

A cargo plane containing a sample of the beef between these two hip-hop figures is scheduled to depart Tuesday night for Europe, where the sample will be tested for Mad Cow disease.

All this recent tension in the matter has caused Farrakhan to renew his calls for the two rappers to kill the beef and bury it.

Funny 50 Cent

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