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Risky New Sport:
Bowl Diving

New York, NY In recent months pool managers have started noticing a disturbing new trend- divers are not confining the practice of their sport to the pool area. Bowl diving- as the new sport is called- is a new trend sweeping the nation.

“I have been diving since I was 7 years old, but it was getting to be too routine and boring,” said April March. “So when I heard the underground buzz out there about this new sport, I was anxious to try it.”

This underground sport surfaced to the main stream only recently. Long-time practitioners were afraid of the stigma associated with water from the toilet bowl.

Urban myth has it that the progenitors of the sport got the idea from Looney Tunes animated cartoons depicting characters diving into glasses of water from staggering heights.

“This just goes to show that the tendency people have of imitating what they see on TV is not a new phenomenon,” said a representative from a television industry watchdog group.

The popularity of doing dangerous stunts increased dramatically after the market penetration of MTV’s show Jackass, where the stars of the show engage in risky activities.

“I think we opened the door for everyone on the fringe doing these risky feats,” said Johnny Knoxville of Jackass. “I am just glad that we could have a positive effect and make a difference in other peoples lives. It gives what we did meaning.”

The latest trend in the sport is for increasingly younger participants to take up the sport.

“It is easier to learn when you are little. Since you have a smaller body there is a greater margin for error in the bowl than when you get older,” said Andrea Stethy, who has already put her 3 year-old daughter in training.

Others are trying to push the envelope even further. Variation like flames and fireworks add to the rush for those seeking maximum adrenaline rushes.

So what is the impact of all of this? Well hotel chains around the country are already taking action. Fearing the possibility of costly lawsuits they have pre-empted trouble by posting warning signs in restrooms of guestrooms.

Will this fad stick around like hard water stains in the bowl, or is it just something passing through our system? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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