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Posted 2/29/2004

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Awesome Family Sues Generally Awesome for Name Theft

This amateur photo shows the Awesome Family forming a human pyramid. From right to left: retired four-star General Lee Awesome, Jane Ali Awesome, Jean-Nora Lee Awesome, and Jenny-Rae Lee Awesome.

New York, NY In papers filed in a Manhattan courthouse last week the Awesome Family of Bronxville, NY brought suit against the publishers of Generally Awesome Dotcom citing “striking similarities” between the name of the website and their family name.

“The law clearly prohibits companies from profiting by the unauthorized use of the name or likeness of private individuals,” said Awesome Family attorney Ivin Swindlin.

The suit alleges that company founder Catch Hameron willfully drew upon the identity of members of the Awesome Family when establishing the brand name of his on-line publication, an act that some say is tantamount to identity piracy.

“I have been accused of all kinds of piracy before- music piracy, piracy on the high seas, I was even accused of butt piracy once by a guy- but never before have I been accused of identity piracy,” Hameron told GA in a phone interview.

Awesome Family patriarch, retired four-star General Lee Awesome, filed the suit after pressure from his wife and daughters, family friends reported.

The first family member to notice the website was 18 year-old college freshman Jean-Nora Lee Awesome. “I was browsing the web doing research for a project in my Diversity Class on how to combat homophobia. So I typed into Google the search words ‘homoeroticism’ and ‘comics.’ GenerallyAwesome.com was in the results,” Jean-Nora wrote via e-mail.

Soon the daughter showed the site to her mother, Jenny-Rae Lee Awesome. Her mother took issue with the site, due to its irresponsible treatment of such sensitive issues as sexually transmitted diseases and race relations. She immediately forbade her two daughters from visiting the site.

For younger daughter 15 year-old Jane Ali Awesome the “forbidden fruit” factor was what initially sparked her interest. “Sometimes when my mom tells me not to do something it just makes me want to do it more. This was definitely one of those times,” says Jane Ali. “Defying my mother was the motivation when I first started visiting. I kept going back for their riveting coverage of public figures that I care about so much, like J. Lo, 50 Cent and Eminem.”

Hameron’s defense is that any similarities are purely coincidental. Ironically, just six weeks prior to this court case the Awesome Family was oblivious to the fact that all their names sound so close to the name “Generally Awesome,” especially when pronounced with strange foreign accents.

Hameron plans to counter sue the Awesome family for their unauthorized use of his company slogan “Occasionally lame, but generally awesome.”

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