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Posted 2/15/2004

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Crowds Form to See ‘Miracle’ on 34th St.

34th St. in Manhattan is inundated with people anxiously waiting to see the film ‘Miracle.’

New York, NY For the past 10 days crowds of movie goers have flocked to see the film ‘Miracle’ on 34th street. Box office sales for the 34th street Loews Theatre reveal the amazing popularity of the film. In fact Loews officials even say that Disney’s “Miracle” has sold out more times at the 34th street location than in all other NYC theatres combined.

“It is not just that we are seeing more people here, we are seeing some interesting trends in demographics. For example the number of senior and children’s tickets sold is much higher than usually,” the manager of the 34th St. Loews told Generally Awesome.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some elderly folk may have been confused by a newspaper advertisement encouraging readers to “See ‘Miracle’ on 34th St.”

“My grandma told me that she wanted to take me to see ‘Miracle’ on 34th street. I was down, cause it’s not like I am going to turn down a free movie. And this movie is one I wanted to see anyway,” said 15 year-old Rex Feinstein. “Then it got a little weird when my grandma told me that she used to love that movie when she was a little girl. It got me scared that her senility was getting even worse. But I still had fun at the movie because granny bought me popcorn too.”

By and large fan, reaction to the film has been positive. One long-time hockey fan called it “the best Disney Movie since the ‘Might Ducks’ trilogy.”

Others were impressed by Kurt Russell’s portrayal of coach Herb Brooks. One fan commented, “I think this is possibly the best performance that we’ve seen from Kurt since ‘Escape from LA’ (1996). As far as character development, it ranks right up there with ‘The Barefoot Executive’ (1971). Although it does not quite reach the same levels of dramatic tension because the writing does not allow the other actors to escape from the hokey, dumb dialogue in ‘Miracle.’ By contrast, the masterfully crafted screenplay in ‘The Barefoot Executive’ allowed Russell and the chimp to delve the depths of their characters in a compelling fashion, while also making an interesting critique of the entertainment industry that still resonates today.”

After two weeks in theatres total box office take for ‘Miracle’ is around $37 million, placing it 3rd in this weeks box office results with $14 million.

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