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CK and LG Announce
Smell Phones

New York, NY Technology junkies and fashion industry faithful alike were blown away by the newest release in mobile phone hardware- the Smell Phone. On Friday a team of spokespersons for Calvin Klein announced plans to provide fragrances to be packaged as an integrated feature on LG’s newest cellular phone due out later this summer.

“We have always tried to be an innovator in our industry. The development of the Smell Phone represents our latest effort in than vein,” an LG Company spokesperson told reporters at the press conference.

While the exact date for the release of this new phone has not been finalized, consumer demand for the new product seems to be high. Google reports that the search term “smell phones” is rapidly becoming one of the hottest search queries.

Fashionistas are applauding the cutting edge move by Calvin Klein. Many forward thinkers hope the move will serve as “a giant leap toward the day when fashion and technology will merge to become undifferentiated parts of an indistinguishable whole,” as one fashionista put it.

Long-time fashion commentator Joan Rivers was not surprised by the announcement. “Cell phones have become an integral part of image. Everyone wants to have the most stylish phone available. This announcement in setting a new standard in that trend.”

Representatives from Calvin Klein say they were ecstatic to hear that the deal had finally gone through late Thursday night. “This idea was born out of a desire to expand the market presence of CK fragrances, and ended up creating a new one. When we began looking for a partner LG immediately stood out. One of the things that impressed us most early on was how hip this company is. I mean they go by their initials, that is chic and bold, and we like it!”

Rumor has it that Calvin Klein executives are trying to further expand the perfume market by supplying fragrances for air-freshening system built into new cars. Talks reportedly began this week to get CK Eternity into Infinity automobiles. CK’s chief of product development said, “I can’t yet comment on specifics, but we are always seeking to grow our marketability. After all, this business is about dollars and scents.”

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