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Posted 5/24/2004

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Arab-American Relations Improving, One Expert Says

Belmont, NY Over the weekend expert horse breeder Bill Smelps made public his opinion that Arab-American relations are warming up. This announcement comes at a time when most observers would agree that U.S. relations with powers in the Middle East are tense due to ongoing hostilities in Iraq and Israeli territories.

“This weekend I observed a dramatic improvement in relations between Arabs and Americans,” Smelps told Generally Awesome. “Specifically my American Quarter Horse Stud seemed to have reconciled his differences with my Arabian Mare.”

Smelps hopes that such simple gestures of affection can serve as the much-needed balm to heal old wounds.

“If these two fundamentally different horses can have a successful summit of their own, then why can’t our leaders come to terms?” inquired the veteran horse handler.

For the long time Equestrian Expert the weekends events showed how crucial it is for the Arab world, which he says keeps itself closed off too often, to open itself up to receive the outstretched American offering.

“I think that heartfelt meetings of this nature show the potential to inject a new vitality into the peace process, as it were,” said Smelps.

Smelps also expressed his hopes that this simple coming together would some day give birth to a byproduct that will unite the United States and the Arab world.

“People assume that peace in the Middle East has to take a long time to be achieved,” Smelps added. “What this encounter has taught me is that it does not have to take large amounts of time for the two sides to come together in a meaningful and productive way.”

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