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Posted 3/21/2004

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Woman Found Blogged to Death at Home

New York, NY Stacy Keen was found dead in her apartment by Police officers who were responding to an emergency call from a concerned neighbor. Initial circumstances raised suspicions as to the cause of death, which was later determined to be a blogging.

“The medical examiner determined that the victim was blogged to death,” said Chief McGillicutty. “So far we have no leads as to a suspect. We are still following up on some possible leads from the victim’s web browser’s history folder.”

The victim’s body had to be taken to a second medical examiner when the first medical examiner was unable to reach a clear determination as to cause of death.

“The first M.E. was unable to determine whether it was bludgeoning or flogging. Turns out it was blogging,” said Manhattan County Coroner Ralph Noder.

Noder points to classic telltale signs of blogging he observed on the body, namely the stiff neck and back and the inflamed joints.

“The number one sign of a blogging death is the swollen and inflamed wrist area. Until a few years ago doctors were convinced that carpal tunnel syndrome was not fatal. With the recent surge in the number of blogging deaths many physicians are rethinking that position,” said a spokesperson for the Association of Medical Professionals in Americans (AMPA).

Despite the physical evidence provided by the body, investigators were reluctant to declare it a blogging until they got the clinching piece of evidence. Police were able to declare a clear cause, however, once they saw photos showing the message on the victim’s computer monitor that read “You got BLOGGED!!”

Dedicated visitors to Stacy’s blog at StacyKeenIntellect.com were shocked to hear the news via other related blogs maintained by Stacy’s friends and family. For example readers on www.KeenMama.com were greeted by an obituary announcing her daughter’s death.

“You just never think that you will be the one that will have to go on blogging after losing a child. I always thought she would have to do that for me,” said Agnes Keen, Stacy’s mom [who, on an unrelated note, has got it going on.]

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