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Carrion as a Carry-on?

Did you just ask me about traveling? I could carry on all day about carrying on carrion as a carry-on. The carrion I carry on is, of course, the type of carrion consumed by my pet Carrion beetles at home. (Let me point out that when I travel, I never carry on the Carrion beetles, since they, unlike carrion, are alive, so I have to check them as live animal shipping, not carry-on.)

Sometimes I run into problems when the carrion that I carry on as a carry-on is larger than the usual limit of 22” x 14” x 9" dictated by the airlines. To get my carrion to conform to the carry-on regulations so that I can carry it on, I often employ the help of the Carrion buzzard (when I am in South America) or the Carrion Crow (when I am in Europe), having them gnaw on the carrion carry-on for a while until it is the right size.

It is a good thing that there are no regulations regarding the smell of carry-ons, because the carrion that I carry on would not pass.

Forgive me if I carried on too much about how I carried on too much carrion as my carry-on.

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by CWH


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