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Funny Darth Vader Photo Gallery

Fast Food Fights

The Ever Expanding Gulp Scale

Photos of Twinkie the Kid in History

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her that are Really for Him

How to Stop the Bird Flu

African-American Eagle Outfitters

American Excess Card

Awesome Bumper Stickers

Bitter Valentine's Bears!

Fortune Cookies II

Seriously Awesome Ads II

Seriously Awesome Ads

Insensitive Saint Patrick's Day Cards

Nightmare Valetine’s Cards

Failed T-Shirt Ideas

Fortune Cookies

Marilyn Monroe

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Dorm Crew Ads

"Generally Awesome" Photos

Cardboard Furniture

These awesome photos are hopefully of great help to you in your quest to find funny, inspirational spoof photos, images and pictures. Hopefully there was not too much satire and parody.

_______ "Occasionally lame, but generally awesome."________

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