Studies in Pirate Culture

Which Candidate Would Make the Better Pirate?

Long John Silver for President

Yarr! A Pirate PSA Message

Pirates & Lawyers

Somalia, Long John Silver and the U.N.

Captain John Dowry: Modern Day Pirate

Woodpecker Buccaneer

Review of 'Pirate Fever'

Pirates Movie Mash-up

What Pirates and Gangsta Rappers Have in Common

How to Talk Like a Pirate

Do Pirates Hate Organized Labor?

Land Pirates Stunt Drivers


Three Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Pirate!

Pirate Becomes 'Arrrgghhh'-chitect!

Pirate Facts!

Pirate Radio (Updated June 20, 2005)

Pirate Made Over by Queer Eye

Pirates: The Perfect Comedic Foil

Pirate FAQ's, by Dr. Crabtree

Linguist Discovers the Word "Pirony"

The Black Spot of Shmutz on the Floor

Pirates' Galley

Pirate Recipes that Taste Great and Prevent Scurvy

Pirate Links

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Seattle Seafair Pirates

Pirates- Fact & Legend

Pirates of the Spanish Main


More Great Pirate Content Coming Soon!

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