Three Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Pirate!

Fraud is a huge problem these days. People trying to trick you in all kinds of ways. Even the area of piracy has gotten to the point where you just can’t trust anyone anymore. But here are some ways to protect yourself from piracy fraud.

1) Knock on Wood!- If it is solid, he’s the real deal. A corked peg-leg is the first sign of a phony. Also a hollow leg is no good, unless it be filled with rum!

2) Bait the Hook!— If his hook is steel, the pirate be real (also if is iron). If the hook is plastic, you’ve a joker on your hands. If the hook is from some fancy titanium alloy, proceed with caution. You may be dealing with some type of cybernetic pirate/robot.

3) Look ‘Em in the Eye!— Lift up his eye patch and see what’s there. (Waiting ‘til the pirate sleeps is advisable.) If there be an eyeball in the socket, you know you’ve got a weekend buccaneer reservist on your hands, not a real pirate.

by CWH


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