Office Chair Reviews
by Fat Albert Chang

Note: The information below is admittedly not exactly reference material on office chairs. It is an attempt at office chair humor. But here are some genuinely useful chair links
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Vital Info
Name: Fat Albert Chang
Weight: 537 pounds (weight in grams=heavy!)
Height: pretty short
Age: older than you might think
Occupation: Pro Sumo Wrestling Hopeful
Hobbies: sitting, eating, watching TV, obesity

Fat Albert Chang has become one of the foremost experts on sitting. Here are his reviews of some of the most popular chairs on the market.

Low Back Office Chairs

Chairworks Value II Lowback Conference Office Chair This chair is a pretty good value. The choice of color is nice, too. One word to the wise, though. They don't look as nice after you spill hot salsa con queso on them. I only graded this one on looks, cause I was too afraid that by sitting on it, I would crush it.Grade= A-

Chairworks Atri Lowback Conference Office Chair This chair is a lot more "high-end." Two choices of the color is a plus. And the leather is a lot more resistent to condiment related accidents than the last chair. (Once again, grade is on looks alone.)Grade= A

Mid-Back Office Chairs

Sealy Posturepedic Beta Midback Office Chair The first item on the "features" list to pop out at me was the "Sealy's new gelation textile cover with stainguard." Next, I played swivel and spin on it. My advice, if you weigh over 500 pounds like me, don't play around too much on any of these chairs, they are not built to sustain that many g-forces. Grade= B+

Chairworks Mesh Midback Task Office Chair The mesh back really helped abate my usual perspiration problem. However, when I leaned back, the chair support folded in half and I tumbled over backward. I am just glad that no one saw me. Grade= B-

High Back Office Chairs

Sealy Posturepedic Gamma Highback Executive Office Chair A tight fit to get into, but once I was squeezed into this baby, it was kinda comfy. Grade= A/A-

Chairworks Verona Highback Executive Office Chair The name reminds of "Romeo and Juliet." That brings back memories of my part in the school play as Juliet's nurse maiden. Those were painful and awkward memories. Thanks for making me relive that moment, JERK! Grade= C-

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