What Humor Means to Me

Many things in life are very personal, experienced in different ways by each individual. Humor is not like that at all. It means the same thing to me as it does to everyone else. Or at least that is the way it should be, in a utopian world.

I realize that we do not live in an ideal society, a reality evidenced by the fact that fewer poisonous-snake-bite deaths occur amongst crooked politicians (a burden on society) than amongst Amazon natural rubber tappers (the single group most likely to bring about world peace and end world hunger.) But I still feel like that does not mean we should give up reaching for an ideal, which brings me to my point, South America has an amazingly rich past. That or telling you about what humor means to me, which is what it should mean to you as well.

To me humor is like Aztec gold. Not so much in the sense that it is valuable. But more in the sense that you have devastate native populations to get it, and then once you get it, you have constantly defend your cargo ships against the pirates who want to intercept it before it gets back to Spain.

Humor is like the glory days of the Pampas, full of wild cows chased by gauchos trying to slaughter them for meat and leather—that and the mild winters.

Humor is like guano. Less in the sense people pay good money for it even though it is just a bunch of crap, but instead more in the sense that it comes out of birds’ butts and makes crops grow better.

Humor is like Bahia de Todos os Santos, full of really ornate and old churches built by African slave labor.

Humor is like the Falkland Islands in that both are something that the Brits think they own.

Humor is like war crimes, if you get caught you can always flee to South America.

by CWH


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