Get a Second Opinion

Throughout human history there have been times when a new disease or disorder was discovered. I know because I have done some research on the subject (see below). For some reason, the new disease then becomes a popular diagnosis among doctors. Let me give you an example.

My child was having trouble sitting still in class. He first started squirming a lot, which then escalated into jumping out of his seat. Then he began running around the room. The teacher and I were both concerned so I took him to the doctor.

The doctor diagnosed him with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder). I was not convinced of the diagnosis, so I took him to get a second opinion. And Im glad I did because it turns out that when the carpenter took a look at him, we discovered that he did not have ADHD at all. He just had termites in his pants.

GET A SECOND OPINION! Dont let the same thing happen to your child as happened to my little Pinocchio.


Attached is my research about commonly over-diagnosed diseases in the past, as well as my prediction for the future.

Conditions Over Diagnosed in the Past
1600s Piracy
1690s Witchcraft
1910s Homosexuality
1930's Depression
1950s Communism

Predictions for Conditions Over Diagnosed in the Future
2070s Roboticism
2120s Herpes
2200s PSBPUD (Personality-Split-Between-Parallel-Universe Disorder)

by CWH


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