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What better way to say, "I love New York, NY" than with an I love NY hat? I love NY hats make a great gift for all ages. What if your loved one actually hates New York? Then the gift of an I love NY hat will be quite ironic!

Pink is such a great color for a hat.  It stands out in a Dirty City like New York.  Wearing this makes such a great fashion statement about your personality. Only $9.99!*
I Love New York T-Shirts
This is a unique hat, baseball cap style, but it says more than just NY Sports.  It might be better than just a Yankees Hat, or Mets baseball cap.  There is a great MLB baseball history here.  It is way cooler because it is not just one team, it is all the city. The best sport in New York is basketball.  The Knicks have a great history in Madison Square Gardens.  I love that place.  So many great ball games.  The New Jersey Nets are the nearest neighbor and have been on top of the Eastern Conference of the NBA many times.  Jason Kidd is great. Do you like the hockey team in New York?  The Islanders are ok in the NHL.  Personally it is not my favorite sport.  I like baseball, but football is better.  There are the NY Jets, and the New York Giants.  Even though both teams are actually located in New Jersey. Go NFL football!
(100% acrylic made in Vietnam)
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One size fits all. Velcro adjustment in back. Medium profile hat.

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