Looting in Baghdad Forces G.A. Store to Close

Baghdad, Iraq (AP) Rampant looting in Baghdad, which began after American troops entered the city, has now been contained. But not before leaving many stores in disarray. Among those stores hardest hit was the Generally Awesome Dotcom store/warehouse located in Downtown Baghdad. Iraqi's were seen torching many of the company's T-shirts. One shirt design may have been a particular target, featuring a photo of Saddam Hussein with the slogan "Saddam is #1." There were other reports of people seen walking around the Baghdad International Airport wearing G.A. "Impeach Nixon" shirts.

G.A. announced today the closure of its store operations is expected to last until a new regime can been installed. In a written statement, company representatives said that the earliest the store would be online would be late summer.

When asked about the decision to locate production headquarters in Iraq Company CEO Catch Hameron responded, "In retrospect it may not have been the best decision. But Saddam's offer of the exclusive rights to the production of all T-shirts bearing his likeness was very attractive, as he is such a charismatic figure. When Saddam makes an offer, you don't refuse."

Posted May 1, 2003

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