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Web Site Has No Lead Story

GA's most recent headline (courtesy Generally Awesome Dotcom.)

Cambridge, MA (AP) The newest edition of the Wed Site Generally Awesome Dotcom was released today, with a noticeable omission, no lead story.

In an exclusive interview, GA CEO Catch Hameron said, "It all started with the adoption of a new slogan for the company 'Stop the Inanity.'"

"This new slogan means no more inane content. That translates into no more coverage of pirates, formerly the backbone of our story lines," said News editor Randy Meegs.

Hameron went on to explain the origin of this new slogan. "I think I had stayed up too late watching Jerry Maguire, 'cause when I turned the video off, I kept watching this infomercial for some product that was being pitched by that crazy lady with butched, bleached-blonde hair. She kept yelling 'Stop the Insanity.' That's when it hit me, 'Stop the Inanity.' I thought to myself 'if this crazy chick can use some cheesy slogan to lose all kinds of weight, then I can use it to transform a media giant.' But since I am not the head of a media giant, I thought I would instead transform the content at Generally Awesome Dotcom."

Following the introduction of the new philosophy things ground to a halt in the newsroom. "We were unsuccessful at getting our reporting staff to find a new focus for their stories," said Meegs. "Despite suggestions, our reporters could not be concerned with ideas like human interest stories. But I guess getting a newsroom that does not care about human interests at all shouldn't be a surprise when you hire a staff composed entirely of Terminators programmed to destroy humanity."

Dr. John H Crabtree, Senior Fellow at the Snyder Center for Media Studies and Archaeological Linguistics, commented that "it is fittingly pironic for the removal of pirates from the content to be the eventual downfall of Generally Awesome."


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