Pirate Recipes that Taste Great and Prevent Scurvy

An integral part of Generally Awesome Dotcom’s stated mission is to serve the Pirate community. With this mission in mind GA is looking for recipes for foods high in vitamin C content to help in the Pirates’ ongoing battle against their second biggest foe, scurvy (their biggest foe being plagiarism.) Requirements for recipes:

1. Must be proven high in Vitamin C content.

2. Must be a food consistent with the lifestyle choices and ideology of Pirates everywhere.

3. Must not contain any offensive or gross content (i.e. tofu, etc).

4. Recipe must be generally awesome.

If you feel that your recipe meets the above requirements, send us your recipe for

Disclamer: Generally Awesome Dotcom reserves the right to decline recipes. Copyrighted recipes not accepted. Those submitting recipes are responsible for knowing and complying with copyright laws.

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