Hindsight V. Foresight

They always say that hindsight is 20/20. 20/20 means hindsight is 100% percent. Looking back it is always easy to see what you should have done differently. Foresight, however, is not such a perfect proposition. Exactly what is the math on foresight? Foresight, or 4-sight, is 4/20, or 20%. So in other words it is very bad.

Your foresight drops below 20% when you drink a 40[oz of malt liquor]. Now, 40 is two times 20, which you would think would make it double, but drinking a forty actually cuts your 20% 4-sight in 1/2, which makes 10, which is 1/4 of 40. If you multiply that 1/4 by the 20% of your 4-sight you get 4%. That is not very good.

What does all this math teach us about the future? Maybe it is that math was easier in the past. Either that, or don’t drink and drive!

On a side note, glasses are supposed to improve your sight to 20/20. But even drinking the 40 [oz of malt liquor] in glasses instead of from the bottle does not improve your 4-sight.

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