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Jell-O Taps J. Lo as Spokesperson

New York, NY Jennifer Lopez is set to pitch pudding and gelatin deserts in the latest ad campaign from the makers of Jell-O. Ms. Lopez, who stars in a series of ads (some of which also feature the soon to be Mrs. J. Lo, Ben Affleck) has not disclosed the details of her compensation package.

“This may sound contrived, but Jennifer’s family grew up enjoying many of Jell-O’s products,” said J. Lo’s press agent via e-mail. "She would not pitch just any product. Trust me, 'Jenny-from-the-Block' has companies lined up begging her to back their brands, even after the miserable failure of Gigli."

Advertising industry executives along with a test audience got a special sneak peak viewing of two of the ads this past week. One of the ads viewed features Lopez eating vanilla pudding and giving her trademark J. Lo smile. At the end of the ad a variation on the familiar "J – E – L – L – O" jingle plays, "J – DOT – SPACE – L – O." The other ad previewed this week was one of two that features Affleck.

"I really enjoyed the one with Ben Affleck and J. Lo together," said one of the screeners. “Ben is sitting on this deck chair and Jennifer comes up to him wanting to sit down. Ben hesitates, worrying that there is not enough room. Then Jenny replies 'There's always room for J. Lo.' After she tries to sit down Ben replies, 'It's there's always room for Jell-O.' After that he wipes some chocolate pudding on her nose and they wrestle playfully as the camera fades out. It is clever and sweet."

A spokesperson for the ad agency behind the campaign says that Jell-O execs approached them after seeing the RadioShack ads that Shaquille O'Neal did.

“We got this e-mail that asked us for a meeting. At the meeting the Jell-O execs said they thought the “Radio Shaq” thing was really clever. They asked us to find a celebrity whose name was a pun on their name. After an all-night brainstorming session we decided on approaching Ms. Lopez.”

Analysts say it will be the most recognizable celebrity pitch since Bill Cosby’s Jell-O gig.

Sources close to Lopez say that Affleck is slightly jealous about the level of attention that his fiancée is garnering. One friend said J. Lo is trying to ease the tension in the relationship, urging patience.

“Jenny keeps telling him to be patient in the negotiations with representatives from AFLAC and eventually he will have his own shot at a punny ad campaign,” said a friend of the couple.

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