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Posted 8/06/2004


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Dyslexic Christian Webmaster Accidentally Labels Site 'Free-Porn'

Topeka, Kansas After noticing an exponential increase in the volume of traffic to his website www.LoveThyNeighbor.com Lazarus Magdeline began a personal investigation that revealed the cause—the site had inadvertently been classified as “Free-Porn.” Lazarus’ site provides Christian based content to a loyal following of about 95 readers a day.

“When I checked my stats last week I was blown away by the volume of traffic. I did some poking around and soon realized where all the traffic was coming from,” said Mr. Magdeline.

Webalizer data for his site revealed that Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Altavista.com had become the top referrers in directing traffic to his site. Upon further investigation he noticed that the search string results showed that people were arriving at his site using the search term “free porn.”

“I was shocked and baffled at how this could have happened. Then I remember that I decided to change the meta-tag and title for my site late last Tuesday night. I meant to add the phrase ‘a porn-free experience.’ Sometimes when I get tired I start to switch words around,” Magdeline lamented.

24 year Magdeline, who was diagnosed with dyslexia in middle school, has overcome this challenge in his life to publish a weekly religious based column on his site. According to close friends for the most part you would never be able to tell that he ever had problems reading or writing.

This mistake has had positive effects. The increased traffic helped boost sales in his online store. The top selling item is a video entitled “Babylonian Bondage.”

“I am expecting that there will be a lot of returns once they realize that the video is actually talking about how the Ancient Israelites were taken captive to Babylon,” said Magdeline.

The experience has not been totally positive, however. The webmaster recieves dozens of angry e-mails every day from individuals seeking adult content on the internet and ending up on his site.

“A lot of the e-mails say things like ‘you are sick to pull a prank like this,’ or ‘you are going straight to hell for deceiving me like this,’ you know the usual crazy, extremist stuff,” said Magdeline.

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