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Posted 7/06/2004


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Anti-Gay Group Launches “It’s OK to Be Gay…” Campaign

New York, NY Over the holiday weekend the Anti-Gay group Help Un-Gay Society (H.U.G.S.) unveiled their new $15 million public relations campaign that they are calling their “It’s O.K. to Be Gay…” campaign. Organizers hope these efforts will diminish the influence of homosexuals inside the United States.

“For a long time we have been fighting to strengthen society by stopping homosexuality. This new campaign marks a strategic shift in that fight,” said Randalph Macho, H.U.G.S. Secretary General and a former homosexual himself. “I now see that it is unrealistic to expect all these American homos to stop being gay. Our goal now is to un-gay America by convincing the gay community to emigrate to other places.”

The first ad unveiled features the phrase “It’s OK to Be Gay… In Mexico!” The organization has started by encouraging the anticipated alternative lifestyle exodus first to our nearest neighbor.

“We thought we’d encourage them to go south the border, since it seems they are already fond of going there,” said H.U.G.S. President Glenn Lefflegler, who went on to say, “I am not sure what I meant by that.”

Some analysts say that coupling these ads with persuasive facts, like the favorable dollar exchange rate and purchasing power discrepancies between Mexico might be effective.

The group already has future ads in the work encouraging gays to move to other places where similar economic advantages exist, like “It’s OK to Be Gay… in Thailand!”

One H.U.G.S. member told us, “It should be easy to convince gays to move to Thailand, knowing how much they enjoy Bangkok, whatever that means.”

Other plans include efforts to encourage emigration to first world destinations like Europe. The first European ad will likely be “It’s OK to Be Gay… in Germany!”

“German cities like Frankfurt are great destinations. Gays would get along quite well with all those frankfurters,” said the H.U.G.S. Treasurer, who went on to say, “the explanation I just gave was a little abstract, wasn’t it?”

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