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Posted 7/26/2004


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Study Shows Your Mom May Be at Risk

New York, NY According to a report published last week in an Academic publication two thirds of American mothers are at risk of becoming victims of so-called “Your momma” jokes. Your mother could be one of them!

“In recent decades we have seen a sharp rise in the use of jokes involving other people’s mothers,” said John H. Crabtree, co-author of the study. “Fifteen years ago the average American mother had only a 21% chance of being the object of ridicule. Now that risk is very widespread affecting nearly 68% of the mothers out there.”

The study reveals some interesting insights into American culture. One observation is that there is a differentiation in the types of jokes being made across the different age groups (shown in the graph above).

“One trend we see is the decreased number of insults involving intellect as these jokers approach and enter adulthood. We notice the opposite trend with issues revolving around sex. Older ages in our study group displayed an overwhelming tendency to make the jokes have some sort of sexual connotations,” Dr. Crabtree explained.

Another interesting fact is that the oldest and youngest subjects studied were most likely to make comments regarding the appearance of someone else’s mother. The most surprising detail is that while both groups show a concern for looks, the youngest group tended to make remarks about people’s mothers being ugly, while in the age-group of twenty-five plus we see a strong disposition toward comments about people’s mothers being attractive.

Dr. Crabtree added, “it is not surprising that by the age of 25 nearly all of the jokes relate to sexuality or appearance. This shows a very Freudian obsession with sex.”

Some results of the study are less surprising. For example males are responsible for nearly 97% of “Your Momma” jokes. Of the female attackers responsible for the remaining 3% most were found to have lesbian tendencies.

“What this shows is that girls understand that someday they too might be mothers, therefore they give some thought to who the victims are,” said Dr. Crabtree.

Other predictable results showed that most of the jokes were conceived in the minds of adolescents. The jokes started out innocent enough, but become more perverse with age.

“As people get older I think they realize that the most disturbing scenario involving their mother is one where someone holds their mother as an object of desire,” Dr. Crabtree said in a private interview. “For example just think of me being intimate with your mother. See how disturbing that is!”

At the conclusion of my interview Dr. Crabtree told me, after I asked him how I should start this story, that I was not very good at my job. I replied, “that’s not what your mom said last night.”

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