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Posted 6/21/2004


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Anti-Spam Group Uses Mass E-mails to Raise Awareness

New York, NY Last week the Anti-Spam advocacy group known as Stop Heaping our Inbox with Trash (S.H.I.T.) sent out a mass e-mail to help raise awareness of the problem of Spam, as unsolicited junk e-mails have come to be known.

“I got this message in my inbox with the subject line ‘Tired of Spam?’ I decided to open it because I thought it might be a clever ad from a company launching some processed and canned meat product to compete with Hormel’s Spam brand,” said Renault Styveson. “After reading the message and realizing who had sent it, I found it odd that an anti-Spam group would try to spread the word this way.”

S.H.I.T., a non-profit organization, received a list containing the e-mail addresses of 5.5 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 35 as a donation from one of the largest Spam e-mail companies in the industry, who chose to use the donation as a tax write-off.

Earlier this month the fledgling advocacy group undertook its first fundraising endeavor by auctioning off eleven blocks of 500,000 e-mail addresses on E-bay. The auction reportedly raised $9,736 dollars. According to one inside source, that money has now been earmarked to buy more e-mail servers as well as automated e-mail generating software to continue to raise awareness about S.H.I.T.

“I agree with their message; there is no question that unwanted e-mail is very annoying. That is why personally I would use different means to get my message out there, like maybe a bulk mailing of flyers or direct contact telephone communication,” said lobbyist Stan Donvertharbyurselv.

When asked for his comment on the actions of this advocacy group, long-time consumer advocate and presidential hopeful Ralph Nader replied, “I can’t comment because I don’t know S.H.I.T.”

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