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Posted 1/28/2005


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McD’s is not Generally Awesome

New York, NY In a recent letter sent to GA by attorneys representing Ronald McDonald, the McDonald’s Corporation proved that their company is not Generally Awesome. Ronnie and his minions achieved this by giving a cease & desist order to GA operations, including an order to halt the sale of the Generally Awesome arches T-shirt.


McDonald's Letter


Hatch Cameron
Boy Llama
John H. Crabtree

VIDEOS McD's Doesn't Want You to See!

McDonald's, Biatch!

“Trying to shut someone else down is a clear violation of what it means to be Generally Awesome,” said long-time Awesomenicity Expert, Marijuana Advocate and IRS Target, Willie Nelson.

Observers say that even if allegations that GA “pirated” the McDonald’s arches logo are true, it should come as no surprise. After all, those closest to the company say that piracy is one of the company’s foremost goals.

“Piracy is one of our trademarks. By impeding our act of intellectual property piracy they are in effect robbing us of one of our trademarks. Pironic, isn’t it?” said Generally Awesome Dotcom CEO Catch Hameron.

While lawyers for McDonald’s insist that the shirt is a violation of company trademarks GA higher-ups have a different interpretation.

“The shirt wasn’t saying that the Arches belong to us. It was more like a complex metaphor, signifying that McDonalds is generally awesome,” said Dr. John H. Crabtree, GA resident literatus. “Apparently those business types are unable to recognize the subtle, yet clear, distinction between saying ‘Generally Awesome is McDonald’s’ and ‘McDonald’s is generally awesome.’”

Staff members had varied reactions. (See side bar for more details.) In the end, GA was forced to comply, not able to escape the behemoth size of such a large corporation. Perhaps the biggest factor influencing the decision was the fact that the shirts were not selling very well anyway.

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