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Posted 6/01/2005


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Paris to Marry Paris in Paris

New York, NY Representatives for Paris have confirmed that Paris will indeed marry Paris in Paris.

“This is a really exciting event, when a high-profile hotel heiress marries a shipping magnate,” said one gossip columnist who asked to be identified only as Glimmers. “What better place for one Paris to marry another Paris than Paris.”

All reports indicated that Paris’ people are very excited about the pending nuptials.

Some ambiguity remains, however, about exact wedding details. For example, which Paris will pay for most of the wedding? Which Paris will host the wedding, Paris, France, or Paris, Idaho to honor Paris’ simple life roots?

Some are surprised that the shipping magnate is marrying Ms. Hilton despite that now ubiquitous tape featuring the young socialite. Other analysts are not surprised in the least. “After all,” said one commentator, “you can’t be in the shipping business without handling some damaged good from time to time.”

Friends are worried about the slender blondes Gay Paris wedding, however, since they don’t know a whole lot about her spouse to be, and what they do know seems a little “off.” Some worry that her potential hubby may be a little bit too much of an old fashion Greek, “if you know what I mean,” said professor of Hellenistic Studies Dr. John H. Crabtree.

There is no word yet about honeymoon plans, but if conventional wisdom holds, much of the wedding night will take place in the Paris Hilton.

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