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Posted 11/02/2005


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Review of Bat Boy Lives! by Boy Llama
"One Mutant to another"

Santa Barbara, CA Let me just say, the race for the Pulitzer has begun! The quality of reporting in this book is out of this world, literally. It could be said that if someone else were to try to fill the shoe of the Weekly World News they had better have a Big Foot!

Terrorism and gay marriage are both controversial issues that many today in the news media touch upon lightly. But the reporters behind this book have the gumption to write about both in the same story (Saddam and Osama’s gay wedding.)

The publication also features compelling coverage of the perils and triumphs of love in all its forms, whether interspecies, interracial or intergalactic.

All of these stories, however, take a back seat to the main story line of the book, and rightfully so. By far the most compelling journalism contained in the pages of this most excellent tome, the Bat Boy coverage is not merely reporting, but the story of us all. The Weekly World News picked up on the story with the discovery of Bat Boy in a cave. With exclusive after exclusive the WWN gave us unequalled coverage of this captivating tail. Taken as a body of work, it chronicles the dramatic transformation of this at times repulsive and at times charismatic figure from an isolated introvert to a self-less world leader.

The culmination of this emergence from seclusion to international prominence is completed upon Bat Boys decision to assert himself in international affairs. First he volunteered to become a Marine, eventually leading the troops to Saddam. Then he intervened in Argentina to stem the tide of crisis. And if WWN’s reports of the future are to be believed, which is a pretty safe bet, then Bat Boy will join forces with Barack Obama to take leadership of the White House.

Of all the questions answered by this intriguing reporting, we are still left hanging as to the origins of this icon. While full details are not available we get some insight with stories like, “James Carville & Bat Boy are Kin.”

This is a must read, must own, must know compilation. For those who have followed the story religiously, it helps to relive this glorious story, and also features new material to bridge gaps of knowledge that may have existed previously. For the uninitiated to the world of the Weekly World News you are in for a treat.

Note: If you have found this review in the least bit entertaining, you will love this book, which is a compilation of some of the best coverage from the pages of the Weekly World News along with new material.

Visit the Weekly World News

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