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Posted 6/09/2006


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Desperate Single Scientists Turn to 'Carbon Dating'

Bill Nye the Science guy is one desperate scientist Santa Barbara, CA-- The trend of internet dating is nothing new. In fact the practice is relatively well established now with television, magazine and radio ads running frequently. However, as the industry has aged, it also has become more specialized. Many scientists are now turning to a service called "Carbon Dating."

"I thought the name was a clever play on words. Beside the scientific method of determining the age of artifacts, it could also mean dating a human, since humans are comprised largely or carbon," said the founder of the service who would only let us disclose that he is a rugged mid-thirties archeologist who goes by the name Indiana. "The idea came from my personal life. I was too busy chasing around important discoveries to have time to meet people with whom I might have a meaningful relationship."

The service operates from the domain carbondating.com, which on the surface appears to be an ad farm/directory topically related to archeology and similar subjects. Insiders, however, claim that somewhere on the site there is a secret entrance to a portal that opens up to the dating service sign-up/log-in screen.

One member who asked that their name be withheld told GA, "Obviously with any selective service there has to be some sort of screening process. The secret puzzle that disguises the entrance to the dating service site acts as the first level of screening for potential Carbon Dating clients. Since the service hopes to match extremely intelligent individuals, only those smart enough to decipher the code qualify for the service."

Although the site was original targeted to archeologists and paleontologists, it has now opened up to include a broader cross section of the scientific community. Botanists, chemists, and marine biologist make up about 35% of the sites membership, according to Indiana. Some of the more intense fields like theoretical astrophysics account for less than 1% of the services clients.

According to insiders the site has plans to target potential clients from these highly intellectually rigorous academic fields since, "they are perhaps the ones who need a service like this the most."

Operations manager said that professionals from the "soft sciences" like psychology currently are not represented on the site. No one knows at this point whether this demographic is not really in need of this type of dating service or whether the screening process has blocked their entry.

Social sciences represent only 1 known member, self identified as an economist. While his real identity must be kept confidential, his username is FmrFedChairAl79. According to server logs, the time between FmrFedChairAl79 first logging to carbondating.com and unlocking the secret code was the shortest of any user so far.

Share your thoughts about this article in our forum:
Why do you think the 'soft sciences' like psychology are under-represented in the dating pool at Carbon Dating.com?

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