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Posted 5/09/2006


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Dogs Let Loose In Synagogue, Rabbis get Rabies

This dog was nicknamed Bin Laden Brooklyn, NY -- After an incident that Police are still investigating, two Rabbis are recovering in a local neighborhood hospital after being attached by a pack of dogs. Although results from the rabies tests have not returned from the lab, the two Rabbis have received rabies shots as a precautionary measure and are being held for observation until mid-day Friday when they will be released for observation of the Sabbath.

"Can you imagine a rabid rabbi?" asked Rabbi David Shubert, one victim of the attach. "That is not a pretty picture, oy!"

It is still unclear how the dogs got into the synagogue, but at this point it appears as though the dogs were let loose, since all the dogs had some sort of tags, according to witnesses. Further evidence supporting this theory came to light when a dog pound located a block and a half south of the synagogue reported 12 dogs missing from their kennels around the same time.

Upon hearing this news from reporters Rabbi Levi Levine, the other victim, indignantly asked, "Who let the dogs out?" Following this interrogative uttered with a thick Jewish accent those present battled to repress an outburst of snickering. Rabbi Levine continued, "No, seriously, who let the dogs out?… I don't understand why everybody in laughing. Shoyn!"

Police are investigating possible ties to Neo-Nazis and other hate groups after getting a lead from witnesses that one of the dogs was a German Shepherd.

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Jews Demand Equal Presence in DC, Yarmulke on Capital Dome

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