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Baker's Dozen

A Slipping Minimum Standard for Student Recognition
Honoring excellent students is and honorable goal. But expectations have been lowered over time to the point where criteria for student recognition is at an all time low. (The lower numbers represent early standards and higher numbers represent more recent standards.)

1. Has at least an A average.

2. Has a B+ average or better.

3. Has a B+ or better in at least half of classes.

4. Receives credits for passing grades in all classes.

5. Takes credit for passing gasses in class.

6. Better than 50% attendance, at least half the time.

7. Poses only minimal threat to self and others.

8. Showers more than once a week.

9. Has been to school at least an average of once per term.

10. Knows where the school is.

11. Knows the name of the school.

12. Could pick out a photo of the school from a police line-up of mug shots.

13. Is familiar with the concept of school.

by CWH

Baker’s Dozen is a list of a dozen things on a given topic. Each edition of the Baker’s Dozen is dedicated to an individual by the name of Baker.

This Week's Baker

James Baker

President of the Harvard Alumni Association


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