Obscure Facts About Valentine's Day

FACT: People have heard about the Valentine’s Day Massacre. It was where Al Capone had men from a rival Alcohol smuggling gang gunned down with machine guns at close range. The part that the history books don’t tell is that the killing was a mercy killing motivated out of love, not greed. You see all these men would have eventually died from liver failure from all the booze. This was a much less painful way for them to go.

FACT: Before carrying out his famous act of cutting off his ear and sending it to a woman as a sign of his affection, Van Gogh considered cutting out and sending her the Valentine's Day symbol of love, his heart. Fortunately Van Gogh knew a guy who was a doctor who talked him out of this, because Van Gogh still owed him a painting for which he had prepaid.

FACT: One condition of Hawaii becoming a state was that it begin to celebrate the Holiday of Valentine’s Day. Valentine's Day, the day celebrating love, was previously not a part of their island culture... of hate!

FACT: St. Valentine, the Saint after whom the Holiday of love is named, spent his life honoring vows of celibacy...

...Or did he?

FACT: The improper celebration of Valentine’s Day has resulted in many unforeseen and irreversible consequences. One example is herpes.

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by CWH


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