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Posted 12/07/2003

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Wellesley College Voted Best Hang-Out in Town of Wellesley

Locations on Wellesley Campus [clockwise from upper left] weekly services are held at Houghton Memorial Chapel; Green Hall is home to the offices of the president, the board of admission, as well as others; Harambee House is the cultural and social center for Wellesley students of African descent.

Wellesley, MA (AP) Wellesley College will receive the crown of “Best Hang-out in Town.” The award, which is given annually, will be bestowed in a ceremony in January to be held in the town of Wellesley, MA.

“I think this prize will bode extremely well with prospective students,” said the head of the High School recruiting division in the Admissions Office of Wellesley College, the elite New England all girls’ college that boasts such prominent alumna as Hilary Clinton.

Wellesley College beat out the 2-time defending champion White Mountain Creamery for top honors in the competition for the title “Best Hang-Out in the Town of Wellesley.” According to sources close to the voting, it was the addition of new menu items and excellent live performances at Schneider (Wellesley’s student center) that really tipped the scales.

“I saw this really great brake dancing demonstration there once. Another time I saw a great Hispanic poetry jam that was part of Latino Culture Month,” said Harvard Junior Meezo Stukuppe, boyfriend of Wellesley junior, Ivy Hapitumeriaharvardman.

Smatterings, a local card stock shop and newcomer to the list, displaced perennial 3rd place winner Amarin Thai Restaurant. “Nancy, the owner [of Smatterings], is such a sweetheart. I love getting her input on invitations for everything from baby showers to cocktail parties,” said one local housewife.

Also noticeably absent from this year’s results was Figs, a posh local eatery nestled in the heart of Wellesley, across from campus.

The list of “Best Hang-Outs in the Town of Wellesley” is announced annually by the Harvard Asiatic Baptist Student Koinonia (HABSK). According to current group officers, the list originated 4 years ago as a service to group members.

“At that time 71.3% of our male members were dating Asian girls at Wellesley College, as were 7.9% of our female members. How that situation came about is another story, but the officers decided to publish the list to help HABSK membership pursue their interests that lay 45 minutes away by bus,” said a current HABSK spokesman in a phone interview. He went on to say “my favorite thing about Wellesley College is the waffle bar in the dining hall for Sunday morning brunch.”

HABSK list publishers are hopeful that the upcoming movie, “Mona Lisa Smile” staring Julia Roberts will generate interest in Wellesley College and the Town of Wellesley. This, they say, could have the result of increasing the influence and impact of their annual list.

The population of the town of Wellesley, MA is well over 26,000. The enrollment at Wellesley College is just over 2,300, thus comprising roughly 10% of the town’s population.

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