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Posted 6/13/2006


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New Study Shows That Selling Out Can be Highly Profitable

Buy a nice wood chair mat that will last in your office Los Angeles, CA-- In a joint study released today by University Experts in the fields of Economics and Sociology, researchers have found that "selling out" can be a highly profitable move. The term "selling out" is used to mean to the practice of changing from one's origins in such a way to become more marketable to profitable audiences.

"For years people who consider themselves 'in the know' on an underground level have called their former idols 'sell-outs' as soon as they achieve some degree of recognition and as a result are financially rewarded," said one sociologist.

The study concluded that the process of 'selling out' can be characterized as a five stage cycle of shifting power bases. In stage one, the entertainer begins as an unknown, on the same level as the underground group around them. Stage two sees the entertainer begin to gain some recognition within this group. As the entertainer reaches the full exposure and recognition available within the underground group (stage 3), the entertainer begins to aspire to larger audiences and adapts their styles to suit this desire (stage 4). The end of stage 4 is when the process of "selling out" actually begins in a way recognizable to the original fan base. The entertainer can only be said to have "sold out" once they actually gain the attention of a larger audience and cash in on the market potential of this new group (stage 5). At this point, a new cycle of "selling out" may begin again.

In the study Economists tried to quantify the value of "the undying loyalty of a small core following of underground fans" in an attempt to do a cost benefit analysis comparing "keeping it real" to "selling out." In the study Economists created 14 different valuation models for quantifying the value of "keeping it real." In each of the 14 economic models, "selling out" came out more profitable than "keeping it real." In the least extreme estimate "keeping it real" was only one quarter as valuable as "selling out." In the most extreme example "selling out" was 59,000% more profitable a proposition.

Economists point to the theory that everything that exists in the world can have a price attached to it. Economic historians point to many example of selling out through history.

"Some ancient examples of sell-outs included Delilah who sold out Sampson. Judas Iscariot is another famous sell-out. A more recent example of selling-out is Kevin Smith, who, after directing a string of Indie Film hits that ended with the attempt to hit it big with 'Jersey Girl,' gave up on trying to bank on Ben Affleck's waning affability and appeal in indie roles to instead just get paid up front for starring in a string of television commercials," one renowned Economic Historian told reporters.

In another part of the same study sociologists tried pin-point the source of resentment that "underground" groups feel towards entertainers that leave them behind for a main-stream audience. Sociologists, after conducting extensive interviews, concluded that this resentment stems from feeling of betrayal and from feelings of jealousy.

"The initial reaction of many was to say 'how could they leave us behind after we were so loyal.' That thought was soon superseded by the thought 'why them, why could I not have hit it big since I am not so different than there are.' This is the flip side of the cycle of 'selling out' and it is filled with jealousy and bitterness," one researcher wrote in the report.

One sociologist-turned-hit-gansta-rapper ended up leaving the group of researchers mid-study to go on tour with his rap act. He had this to say to his former-colleagues, "waddup, playas? Don't be hatin on a G for doin' his thang. Afta' all, a brotha gots to get paid in da hood, so peace out fools."

Editor's note: as result of these findings Generally Awesome has attempted in some way to duplicate the results of this study. To that end we have put the above link trying to convert visitors into paying customers. While this may seem like a move motivated by profit, we can assure you that the scientific knowledge we stand to gain is much valuable to us than the money we could make from it.

Share your thoughts about this article in our forum:
Is selling-out wrong, or is acceptable?

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