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Studio Plans ‘Polk’ as Follow Up to ‘Hulk’

The “Dark Horse” rides west to fulfill his “manifest destiny” in “Polk.”

New York, NY (AP) With the recent success of the effects-heavy film “Hulk” Hollywood execs are hoping to use a similar marketing style for next summer’s blockbuster-hopeful “Polk,” a film inspired by the life of our 11th president, James K. Polk.

Explaining the choice of subject matter one executive spokesman said, “In my opinion Polk naturally lends himself to be the protagonist of a major motion picture. I mean with such great catch phrases as ‘fifty-four, forty or fight’ it's easy to see his indomitable spirit.”

Many details in the film are yet to be worked out. For example, the director has yet to nail down the exact direction the film will take. “The story is really complex. On the one hand we have the battle with Mexico for territory in the southwest, namely California, Texas, and New Mexico. On the other hand we have the battle with the British over Oregon country. I guess you could say that the ‘manifest destiny’ of the film will unfold in a westward direction. But, we are still not sure if we’ll emphasize more northwest or a southwest direction,” said director Noam Sayin.

While the film will be based on the life of President Polk, screenwriters are reserving the right to take some artistic liberties on the project. “We know that in the past films the most accurate films about historical figures have been a bit dull. So we plan to embellish the history a little,” said screen writer Patch Hameron.

“In the film Polk will be 50 percent taller than a normal man and weigh about 5 times as much. Also, for the film we plan on giving him the ability to jump three miles at a time. Lastly, we plan on making him green. But all of that will happen only when the British or the Mexicans get him really mad by refusing to cede territory. The rest of the time he will be your average Jacksonian President,” said the head story-board coordinator.


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