The Children Are the Future
Tales from a Time Traveler

It has been said time and again that the children are our future. In the past I viewed this assertion with some skepticism, but after having traveled forward in time I too now believe that the children are our future.

In the future the economy is entirely based on children. The trade of children comes to replace the stock exchanges of the world, with corporations basing their entire pension plans on babies. In Chicago, the futures market comes to be dominated entirely by futures in children.

The environment is much better off in the future because factories are shut down, and women become the chief means of production in the country. In the future they cease to be called women, and are called "factories". Plural marriage is reintroduced so people can still become rich "industrialists" with a "factory" in every town. Working conditions are excellent.

The publishing industry ceases publishing everything except children’s books and in the future they are only referred to as "books". What we today call simply "books" come to be called "adult books", and what we call "adult books" today come to be considered geriatric graphic novels.

Intellectual property laws are changed so that every creative work produced by a child immediately belongs to the public domain. Also, on the World Wide Web the most popular ending to domain names ceases to be .com and begins to be .kid!

Cannibal Daycare

by CWH


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