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Man Earns MFA, Confused By Diploma

Recent grad Ura Notgonnalykit was unclear as to the meaning of "MFA."

New York, NY (AP) After receiving his MFA diploma in Film Studies last Thursday from a local University, Kansas City native Ura Notgonnalykit admitted to being thoroughly confused.

After the ceremony Ura reportedly asked his parents “Why does this diploma say “Masters in Fine Arts” on it?” Mr. and Mrs. Notgonnalykit looked at each other and told their son that he was getting his degree for his work in the field of film. After which, Ura responded, “I know, but Master in Fine Arts? What is that?”

Ultimately it became clear that the misunderstanding arose around Ura’s false impression of the meaning of MFA, which he thought stood for “Mother-Freakin’ Awesome.”

“Now it makes a lot more sense why I was taking all those classes. At the time I was really confused about why I had to do so much registration paperwork and so many courses just to prove that I am mother-freakin’ awesome,” Ura told friends later that night. “Normally I would just show them the crazy tricks I can pull on a wakeboard. I just kept waiting for them to ask me to show ‘em my stuff in person. Finally I understand why they never asked.”

The bulk of Ura coursework for his degree involved filming the different extreme stunts that his friends pulled in and around NYC. Ura’s other projects included wearing a helmet camera while skydiving and setting up a fixed camera on a tripod to film himself riding in a snowboard half-pipe with another small camera fixed to the nose of his board.

When asked about his future goals, Ura said that he has plans to start an independent institution where young adults could earn their MFA (Mother-Freakin’ Awesome) degrees. General requirements for the degree would include coursework from three areas, with an emphasis in one of the following: Boarding (skate, wake, surf, snow) Jumping (bungee, base) and Biking (bmx, mountain, motor).

Young Mr. Notgonnalykit plans to call this institution BAU (Bad-Ass University), and eventually hopes for accreditation within the California State University system.


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