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Old School Hand Stand Video

Watching this guys old school skate moves in the video clip from the 1970's may seem very odd to today's viewer, familiar with all the advances and progress in the sport of skateboarding. Keeping in mind the limitations of the board and equipment this guy was using, that puts his feat into context.

Old school skateboards from the 1970s had a heavy banana shaped deck. The wheels were usually the width of roller skate wheels, or maybe just a hair wider. The wheels were also made of kind of clay initially, which worked great for providing a smooth roll until you hit any pebble or debris. Those small items got jammed into the soft wheel and caused the board to lock up and the rider to go flying. With the advent of more advanced skateboard equipment a much bigger world of possibilities opened to skateboarders. But this guy was shredding to the best of his ability and you have got to give him props for that.

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