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Posted 10/11/2003

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Arnold Covers Spread
Twice in 1 Day

Governor-elect Schwarzenegger, known for taking chances
in his choice of film role’s (like 1984’s
Terminator), is now accused of gambling.

New Yok, NY (AP) By the now the news of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s victory in Tuesday’s California Recall Election has reached far and wide. And just at a moment when Governor-elect Arnold may have hoped for the chance to rest from recent scandals new evidence has surfaced implicating him for gambling.

According to sources in Las Vegas, on 0ctober 7, 2003 at 10:00 AM Schwarzenegger placed a large amount of money on his own victory in the campaign. Arnold, the heavy favorite in the governor’s race, had to cover a 12.5% spread in order to cash in on his bet. On Tuesday the movie star turned politician did just that, garnering 49% of the vote, about 17 percentage points ahead of Bustamante who received 32% of the vote.

That same night, German bookies say, Schwarzenegger had $1,000 riding on the German Bundesliga regular season match between Bayern Munich and Hannover 96. Sources say that Arnold’s money was on Bayern Munich, the favorite by one goal. The former body builder was appearantly able to cash in on a wager once again, when Bayern Munich scored a second goal in stoppage time to record a 2-0 victory.

Should these allegations of gambling prove true it would cast a dark shadow over the governor’s mansion and leave Schwarzenegger open for criticism. Arnold, who campaigned on the platform of fiscal responsibility and conservative finances, would be berated by the public for acting hypocritically, some political analysts say.

Others disagree, saying that the public has come to know Schwarzenegger as a public persona not afraid on taking risk. “In light of all that Arnold has had to overcome in terms of negative press, I don’t expect that these allegations, even if proven true, will hurt him. The American public has come to know Arnold as one not afraid of making bold moves, first with his jump from body-building to acting, and now with his jump from acting to politics. I expect that the public will continue to respond positively to the fact that Arnold’s risks pay off,” says Jamie Spelcher, professor of film and politics at UCLA.

Some film critics agree with Prof. Splecher’s assessment. “Arnold has establish his career as one always based on risk. His choice of films like Kindergarten Cop, Junior, and Twins show that he has what it takes to make a gamble pay off, usually in the form of fun the whole family can enjoy,” said the late Gene Siskel, by way of a psychic medium.

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