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Recent Psychic School Grad Still Unsure of Future Plans

Maria Braccioforte is still not sure what she is going to do with her fortune telling degree.

New York, NY (AP) Recent psychic school grad Maria Braccioforte, who got her BA degree in fortune telling from Madame Justina’s School for Psychic Media (MJSPM) almost two months ago, is still unsure about where her future will lead her.

“I have had a couple of leads on jobs, but they in areas that I don’t feel comfortable with, like psychic management consulting and psychic investment banking,” said Ms. Braccioforte in a phone interview. “So many things about my future are just so unclear to me now.”

Ms. Braccioforte, who did a double minor in crystal ball reading and tarot card reading, is hopeful that the economy will recover. “It is hard to for everyone to find work in an uncertain economic environment. It is especially hard for psychics. In good times nearly all our students graduate with jobs. But right now only top 5% of the class are finding work. Maria had a plenitude of interests outside of the classroom during her time at MJSPM, which was reflected in her GPA,” said MJSPM guidance counselor Tanner Brady.

“Maria is so kind. During college she volunteered each week at a local nursing home, reading the palms of the elderly residents. The old people loved it and Maria enjoyed it too, since the old wrinkled hands had so many stories to tell,” according to one of Braccioforte’s close friends.

Another friend said that on weekends she also taught inner-city youth how to read. “They learned how to read books, magazine, newspapers and the signs of the Zodiac,” said her friend.

When asked for her predictions about what the future will hold Braccioforte responded, “your guess is as good as mine.”


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